Since the early days, Rossling’s mission has been to create watches with impeccable style that can be worn in any occasion; watches made with the best materials and world-class craftsmanship.
In 2013, with no contact in the industry, we launched Rossling with the goal of shaking up the old business model in the watch industry. With the help of our first customers, we were able to bring our first collection to market: Never seen before materials, fresh designs and top-tier quality.
Today, we have made over 100,000 Rossling watches for fans in over 80 countries across the world.
We’ve always been inspired by the trailblazers, the rebels, the free thinkers past and present. You will find their spirit in every one of our watches.
A lot may have changed since the early days but one thing has remained: our drive to inspire you to write your own rules and trace you own path.

Our Commitment to design

With design being the core of the Rossling brand, we decided early on that each one of our watches would be fully designed in-house.

The Rossling look is influenced by the Bauhaus movement, which can be described in art terms as a laser focus on line, shape, and color. The principle of “form follows function” is often attributed to the Bauhaus school, meaning that in designing an object, its form should be determined by how it is to be used, and not its aesthetic appeal.

Think of watches with Bauhaus influence such as the Continental, and understand that every element of the dial is laid out in such a way to assist in the telling of time, and you begin to understand this idea.


Our Commitment to Quality

Years ago, when we began making watches, it was important for us that all Rossling watches not only look breathtaking when first taken out of the box but also continue looking beautiful after years of being worn every day.

We were able to achieve this by committing to use the best materials throughout our assembly line: Surgical grade stainless steel, sapphire crystal, Swiss or Japanese movements and Italian calf leather. We have also instituted a rigourous quality control protocol. Our watchmakers take pride in the watches they assemble and their craftsmanship is visible in every one of our watches.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Rossling is, and always has been, a small independent watch manufacturer. This means we do not have large corporate backers pushing for profits above all else. We report to no one but our own team and our customers. We decided early on to do our best to reduce our carbon footprint and uphold humanitarian and environmental values that are dear to us.

We have made a commitment to work with suppliers that respect fair labor principles, implemented recycling goals and waste reduction policy. This is visible in our 2-year warranty on all watches: we repair products instead of replacing whenever possible. We have also banned batteries with mercury content and use recycled and/or biodegradable materials for packaging whenever possible.

We are also very proud to announce our collaboration with organizations working hard to raise awareness for social, humanitarian and environmental issues.