Behind the Scene: The Modern 36mm Collection

A tip of the hat to the 60s retro aesthetic

We designed the Modern 36mm collection with 3 requirements:

Versatility - A watch that looks as good paired with a suit as it does peaking out of a plaid shirt. A watch you’ll actually wear, not one that stays in your drawer most of the year.

Style - We wanted to create a watch that would keep you looking stylish whether you’re in a business meeting or a weekend getaway. We took our classic design and gave it mid-century flair. Our inspiration, the 60s, was a time where the classics of the 50s were infused with the bold designs of a new era. The collection is our shout-out to that time and the effortless style that it inspires.

Affordable Quality - Impeccable taste doesn’t allow for compromises on quality, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve managed to keep the retail price under $200 and have incredible craftsmanship, quality of materials and a solid warranty to back it up.


We think the secret to the collection’s style is the clean, simple and uncluttered design that creates a strong visual impact and simultaneously keeps the watch versatile.

The collection features 2 different dials: White with blue hands for the signature Rossling & Co. look or sunburst blue with its ever-changing reflections that evoke the 60s vintage aesthetic.

The 60s industrial design influence can be seen throughout the case design. A wide polished bezel paired with a brushed-finish case in silver or rose gold strikes the perfect balance between ruggedness and elegance.

The discrete domed crystal creates ever-so-slight distortions lending the watch more character. A subtle nod to the 60s early lunar spacecrafts.

We’ve carefully selected the perfect material to complement each watch. We opted for beautiful smooth leathers (black or brown) and tweed fabrics (beige, teal or pink), both noble, quality materials that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


Through careful engineering and optimization of the design, we were able to achieve a very low profile of 6.8mm (7.5mm with dome) that fits easily under cuffs.

With a case diameter of 36mm, it is ideal for both men and women and keeps a modern feel.

Affordable quality

The solid 316L stainless steel construction for the case and caseback ensure the watch will last for decades. Solid 316L stainless steel is a rugged material that will resist the elements and daily wear year after year.

We picked a Swiss Quartz movement for the collection. The Slimtech 1069 Caliber is made by Ronda, a Swiss company founded in 1946 with an excellent reputation for quality and precision manufacturing. The movement requires virtually no maintenance other than a replacement battery every few years. Batteries (model no. 321) are widely available and inexpensive.

The different components of the watch are produced through a variety of processes such as molding, polishing, machining and are then carefully assembled.